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There is a piece of good news for Ford employees all over the world. Ford has started its website service called myfordbenefits for its employee’s benefits. If you are a new Ford employee looking to learn more about its website, you don’t need to go anywhere. In this article, you’ll learn everything that has to do with http://myfordbenefits.com/.

Ford Motors – About

Before we get into Ford’s website and feedback4oldnavy, let’s learn about Ford Motors.

It would not be wrong to say that Ford is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers around the globe. Ironically, the company first started production in 1903 in a garage by Henry Ford. Ford operated worldwide but its headquarters is in Michigan. The company is now estimated to have a net revenue of more than 150 million US dollars, says a report produced in 2017. What started with one man is now an organization with more than 200,000 employees globally.

Ford has always supported its employees and considered them as a part of their own extended family. Taking a step further into this initiative, Ford launched its website. This website acts as a mean to understand how employees are doing by evaluating and rewarding them.

MyFordBenefits – About


Now that we have at least learned about Ford Motors. It’s time we understand what myfordbenifits is exactly. Well, as described above, the website is a way of Ford extending its benefits to the employees, a way to keep a check on their well being. Employees can easily log into their accounts through the website and learn about various aspects pertaining to their job. This includes information about their daily duties, benefit plans and more.

To make things simple for our readers we have prepared a list of details the website provides.

  • Career information at Ford is provided on the website. The website makes it easy for employees to track their career at Ford. It includes various details about employees, from the day they first start working with Ford till their last day.
  • Life insurance policy details at Ford. Employee’s receiver a life insurance policy when they join Ford, details of the same can be found on the website. This makes it simple for employees to understand the kind of coverage they get and when required they can easily use them.
  • Monterey details like salary and incentives of an employee are also present on the website. On your profile, when you click on the option to view your salary and incentives, the website provides a detailed breakdown of each of them.
  • Training Details and Holidays can also be views on Ford’s official website. If you are planning a long vacation and thinking about how many days of paid leave can you get? No worries, you can just log in to the website and you’ll be able to view these details. The same goes for the training period. If you are in a training program, tracking it becomes easy with the website.
  • Discounts on vehicles at Ford are also a big advantage. The discount plans are divided into various sections. One employee’s position at the organization is different from the other, thus, each has different discount packages that they can check on the website and use at the time of a Ford automobile purchase.

MyFordBenefits Sign Up Process


For first time users, there is a signup process on the website that they need to follow in order to access their accounts. The first show involves your registration on the website. To make it easier for you, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Use a good internet connection to log in to the website. Laptop or PC over a mobile device is preferred.
  • On the home page, you’ll find 2 options – user name and PIN.
  • For first time users, their user ID is generally their Social Security Number (SSN) and PIN is their Date of Birth (DOB) in MMDDYY format.
  • So, enter these details to log in to your account.

It is always recommended that you change your password after your first login and make it unique. These details should not go out as others can view your profile using these details. It is always important to have a basic knowledge of computer and internet usage.

MyFordBenefits User ID Reset

If you have not logged into your Ford account for a long time and have met saved your sign in details, it is possible that you forget the details. In cases like these, where employees forget their User ID, the revival process is pretty easy. All you need to do is follow the steps further.

  • User, your computer to visit the official website of Ford reset page.
  • Once on the homepage, you’ll need to enter the details asked I.e your email ID associated with Ford.
  • Prove you are not a robot by checking the box and now click on continue for next step.
  • Move to your email inbox, you should have received your user ID here. You can then log on to the website using this user ID and change it from your MYFordBenefits account.  

It is always recommended that you keep a user ID that can be remembered.

MyFordBenefits – PIN Reset

After user ID if the employee can forget something it would be the PIN. Employees, a lot of times remember heir user ID but forgot the password. What to do in these cases? Here is what the employees can do:

  • Visit the official website for PIN reset.
  • Since you remember the user ID, enter it where required.
  • Prove you are not a robot by checking the box.
  • Follow the instructions appear on the screen to successfully create a PIN. Use this PIN to log in to your profile.


So, here we are at the end of the article. Hope we were able to give you all the information required for a successful sign up on MyFordBenefits website. All other questions and queries can be answered in the comment section below. So go ahead shoot your questions and we will try to answer.